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Hungry women rarely make history.

A modern mash-up of Cowgirl culture, organic snacks and meats, art, clothing and activism.


Hungry women rarely make history.

A modern mash-up of Cowgirl culture, organic snacks and meats, art, clothing and activism.

 American woman, this one is all yours. We crafted spirited, courages, assortment of delectables with your happiness, health & well being in mind.Our purpose:

Our purpose 

We think women should live wholly and freely, like somebody left the gate open. Cowgirl Cattle is just the right kind of trouble-maker. Our rights aren't up for grabs but our meat sure is. We don't believe in the thigh gap or the wage gap. We loathe jerks and love jerky. We reject sexism and advise that before you burn your bra you better get your protein fix on.

Help us crush misogyny with a 'Food before Dudes' attitude, while we tempt you with 25 organic snacks and meats that are so damn delicious that frequent cussing commonly occurs.

Also, don’t miss the Cowgirl art, clothing and accessories, so you can add Cowgirl style to your life.

In addition to our addictive snacks, inside every package is a cartoon panel from Laramie Landon, A Cowgirl's Adventure.

Laramie is just like you: a bad-ass. What doesn't kill her, better run. Her story starts with an infant Laramie being swept downriver and then the rest of her life is just as dramatic.

 What doesn't kill her, better run! Inside each product is a panel from our very own graphic novel: Laramie Landon, A Cowgirl's Adventure. Laramie is like you, full of remarkable courage. Laramie's life from her infancy, watch her grow into a woman, and

But it’s not just about you, me and Laramie. For every product we sell, we make a donation to support women’s rights. Why? Because women’s rights are human rights. Closing the gender gap and the wage gap will begin to make women truly equal. Feminism isn’t about superiority, it is about equality. We want women to have equal opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of the next generation. Women have the innate strength to make anything possible and the Cowgirl is our symbol of that strength.

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”-Maya Angelou


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Cowgirls and those of us that our cowgirls at heart possess a fierce brave sense of purpose and unflinching presence. We live an adventurous and deliberately conscious life filled with common sense, hard work, vision, certainty, courage, love and passion. 

At Cowgirl Cattle & Trading Company, we are dedicated to the physical, spiritual and emotional health of every cowgirl.

We invite you to saddle up and ride with our brand. Is your inner cowgirl hungry for change?